Black Girl Lured to an Appartment and Attacked


SASHA has been out of work for quite awhile, and is desperate for gainful employment. So desperate that she makes an appointment for a job interview in an unfamiliar neighborhood for a position not clearly defined. That is, until she shows up at the location only to find the door unlocked and no one answering. On the other side of that door, awaits the kind of tribulations she could not have conceived in her wildest imagination. She is chloroformed into unconsciousness, and completely at the mercy of her mysterious assailant. Her ripe young body totally vulnerable to the twisted whims of her abductor, she quickly learns that this position is not one for the feint of heart. Chloroformed, hogtied, suspended, spanked and then flogged, with an invasion of her privacy that literally makes her explode uncontrollably, helpless and ashamed!

Date: Maio 9, 2024