Eccentric Psycho, Vol 1

Takeshi tortures a woman known as Megumi Makihara. At first, he locks her hands and legs, stabs her once, and licks her feet. The next day, he dresses her in a different costume, opens her breasts, and ties curtain hooks over her breasts and genitals. Then we see the two lying inside Takeshi’s bed. Megumi finds her knife, lying together, and manages to stab Takeshi once in his chest. Takeshi fell to the ground and Megumi tries to escape but fails due to the doors locking, and Takesi manages to get up and capture Megumi again. We cut to the segment where we see Megumi hanging and Takeshi distraught over the events. Takeshi reveals that he has the corpse of a woman inside his house, whom he killed. Takeshi takes the corpse’s organs and starts throwing them at Megumi, and Takeshi in revenge thrusts his knife inside Megumi’s mid-area. Megumi after the genital stab, died and Takeshi took a tall glass, where he put Megumi’s genitals inside.
Date: Julho 24, 2020