Fucked in the Electric Chair


After weeks of torturing my slave, it’s finally time to say goodbye, even if it costs me. After all, she’s been a good slave, and there’s no guarantee that the next girl I kidnap will be as good as this one.

Look at her now! She already knows her place well. She no longer shivers when I masturbate her, or when I stab her with my cock. She even adjusts herself when I give her a harsh doggystyle. It almost seems like she’s really enjoying it and not just fulfilling her role as a sex slave, as I taught her. Notice that even her blowjobs seem to taste better than they did months ago and that she no longer cries for me to release her or even tries to negotiate. It would seem that she has definitively accepted her condition as one of the lowest beings to crawl on Earth. (To “crawl” yes, I haven’t given her permission to walk for a long time.)

She is indeed one of the best slaves I’ve ever had. But it really has to be!

I’m just going to give her a quick fuck, something that doesn’t make me too passionate and I’m going to… well send her off to Heaven. I’m really going to tie her to the electric chair this time, spreadlegged, so when I feel ready all I have to do is to press that lever.

Ok. Done.

Sorry my slave, sorry my Delilah, but this time it really had to be… I was really falling in love with you and I need to be free.

Free to find another sex slave.

Date: Junho 21, 2022