Girls Raped and Mistreated in the Woods

Once upon a time there were two teachers who decided to go camping alone in the forest, as a bold adventure before the start of classes. Things took a huge turn and these two campers found themselves half-naked in ragged clothes, rope tied to pine trees, prisoners of a sadistic monster that doesn’t believe it’s necessary to feed its prey, as hunger and thirst make them more humble and eager for his return. On the threshold of their strength these desperate girls do the best of their remaining strength to sexually please their captor, in the hope that he will give them food as a reward. But he doesn’t think so. After all, if he already had what he wanted, what is the point of keeping them alive for a long time? Next time he needs a good sexy pussy, he can just look forward for the holidays and for the girl scouts wandering around lost in the woods. It’s worth leaving these two in the same place. He can come there the next morning. If they’ve survived both their body needs, the elements and nocturnal animals, he might be able to reward them with another good fuck. With a little luck they’ll still have the strength to suck his dick, however weak they might be. They won’t survive yet another day, of that he is completely sure. Better enjoy the situation while it lasts, for he never liked to fuck them while they’re already dead.
Date: Junho 28, 2022