Horror Hospital


Suzanna no longer knows if she is really crazy, or if that is just the reality imposed on her. Maybe she is now, but maybe she wasn’t when she was taken there, God knows how long ago. Of one thing she is now certain: that in that hospital she will never be cured. Worse still: that she will never leave that hospital alive.

Since arriving there, her days have consisted of the same: when she is not trapped in a straitjacket or tied to a bed, or simply locked in a stinky cell (or all three at the same time), it’s because she is being used as a sexual object by any doctor or nurse in the hospital. Every day is the same. Suzanna has lost count of the blowjobs she’s given, the pussy she’s licked, the times her ass has been penetrated by dick, finger or sharp object, and if there was a way to measure the amount of cock that had penetrated her vagina, it would surely give a measurement in miles.

But why was she there? Why had her boss made an appointment for her to see his trusted psychiatrist and finally why had the latter sent her there? Yup. She knows it was because she wanted to report her boss for harassment. But Suzanna didn’t know it was that simple to declare someone as crazy and then send him away to that horrible hospital. Of one thing she thinks she’s right: she was never crazy in the first place, it was all a machination from her boss and the psychiatrist. But now that she thinks about it once more, she’s not even so sure anymore.

This of course is what she can conclude in moments alone, but not now… Madame Matilda entered her room and from now on she already knows what awaits her. Madame Matilda and Doctor Toussaud are going to tie her up and fuck her once more. Then they will get other girls who, like Suzanna, were also declared crazy and are now imprisoned in that hospital (perhaps they were also discarded by their bosses, by jealous husbands or who knows who else…) and then they will fuck them all together, like a demonic orgy. Suzanna just waits for them to cum quickly so she can return to the comfort of her cell, to the tender embrace of her straitjacket (yes, just like a lover, that’s how she sees it now – the only tender embrace she’ll ever have) and to her dreams of freedom. In her dreams she is allways too far away from that mad hospital. But for the rest of her life, her dreams will be the only moments of freedom she will have.

Date: Junho 26, 2022