Lilitales, ep. 2

As a newly appointed knight to the royal family, Lunalie El Blanca must escort her lifelong friend Princess Jill Grantz on a pilgrimage to the ancient ruins of Shandora. All is well until a group of bandits ambush Lunalie’s company and kidnap Jill. Returning to the Kingdom of Grantz as the sole survivor of the raid, Lunalie is summarily tortured and sentenced to death, accused of conspiring in the attack. Suspecting that Jill may have been captured by a network of slaves, Lunalie escapes her confinement and travels east towards Ishtar, a treacherous city where countless lives are sold to the highest bidder. Indulging in nights of carnal pleasure to track down her missing friend, the young knight soon uncovers evidence of a sinister individual who may be responsible for all the terrible things that have happened.
Date: Abril 3, 2020