Madhouse Slaves


Erika didn’t even know what she was doing there anymore. Every day she woke up on the same grimy gurney, wearing the same dirty smock from the sanatorium. The cold air stiffened her bare feet and Madame Matilda’s lunatic voice always frightened her. Whenever she heard it, it meant a good deal of various trials. Erika had already learned her place well. Her human dignity had long since gone down the sink, along with her self-respect. Nor could it be said that she took the place of an animal, since animals were generally well treated, while she was nothing more than a bag of cum and daily beatings. Yes, she was now a sex object, whose only purpose in life (or what would be left of it) would be to provide sadistic and sexual pleasure to Madame Matilda, Dr. Toussaud, and every other doctor or nurse in that sanatorium. Sometimes also to other patients, men or women.

Erika had already heard stories of women kidnapped to become sex slaves, in fact she feared that this could happen to her, but she never imagined that things could happen this way. When her (now ex-) boyfriend John arranged a psychiatric consultation for her, alleging that she was very tired and needed rest, she never imagined that the latter could declare her crazy and that the very next day a medical team could bring her up to that horrible place. She allways thaught that these things required a lot of bureaucracy. Well, she also thaught that medical teams were professional, either, and that madhouses like that were extinct since the 19th century… Well then, but the worst was when she tried to resist but John hold her hands while the medical team put a straitjacket on her. Already immobilized, John had kissed her forehead and promised to visit her at the sanatorium. Needless to say, never in the two or three years she’d been there had he ever done so. Erika knew why. Weeks before, he had proposed a threesome with his friend Claire, wich Erika never accepted. John had gotten rid of her, and now while she was there, serving as a sex slave for the team of mad doctors, he was most likely in Claire’s arms, making sweet love in a confy bed. Why would she have been such an idiot? Why hadn’t she accepted John’s proposal right away?

Anyway, now it was too late for regrets, as Madame Matilda tied her hands to the iron bar of the stretcher only to be able to stick a strange iron device inside her pussy. It was too late to hope for salvation as she forced her to suck and be fucked by Dr. Toussaud’s stinking cock or finally when she ordered her to drink piss or putten a naughty sock inside her.

Anyway, for Erika this was already part of her everyday life, just like being regularly raped by a group of crazed male patients or being forced to lick the shit off the bathroom floor. Even if she wasn’t really crazy when she first set foot in that hospital and it was all John’s evil plan, it would be better to go crazy right now, because that way it would be easier to bear the years to come.

Date: Junho 25, 2022