Pinhead’s Sex Slave


A pact with the Devil was made… A man wanted the Eternal Youth and had only one thing to sacrifice: Karla, his beautiful girlfriend. The pact would be simple. Karla would live for eternity in Hell, as a slave concubine to the female demon known as Pinhead while her former boyfriend would live for eternity as a young man on Earth. Of course, Karla didn’t like it very much at first, but Hell isn’t exactly the place where complaints are heard.

Even today, almost a thousand years later, we can see Karla accompanying her demon mistress, whenever Pinhead is invoked by some young man with his balls full to fuck a female demon. For Karla, being the sex slave of a lesbian, nymphomaniac demoniac being meant all these things: an eternity spent in all types of bondage gear, with her mouth permanently ready to suck hellish dicks or lick demon’s pussy and her cunt allways full of cum.

Date: Abril 1, 2020