Slavegirl Kept in a Basement Cage

One day too far away Carla was also a beautiful, proud, confident young woman with lots of good-looking boys asking her out. She attended university and dreamed of being a famous lawyer. She would, perhaps, marry one of her future wealthy clients and bear an offspring of handsome-faced, blue-eyed boys. Who knows, maybe one day she could even become a judge and appear on television, solving one of those media cases involving movie stars and football players. But that now seemed so far away that she doubted whether that life, too, would have been just a dream. Now her whole reality concisted of those four dark walls, the thin and unconfortable bars of her cage that barely let her move and the sleepy trance that accompanied her most of the day. Trying to move in the middle of the darkness in a cramped space, when it didn’t hurt her, didn’t get her anywhere either, so her greatest comfort was being able to sleep in that eternal darkness. She had long since lost count of the hours, days, and perhaps months that she had spent there. Perhaps it had always been this way. Maybe there hadn’t been any reality where she was the pretty girl from college with lots of young guys after her, maybe that too was a figment of her imagination. Right now she couldn’t tell exactly. The only break from this long trance was when Pablo arrived. He who had also been one of those young men and the one who gave her a ride home one night and offered her a drink. Since that night she had been there… prisoner, his personal sex slave, always waiting for him to come. When he finnally came she would suck his cock and offer him her body so he could fuck her properly like the slave she was – his pet. He satisfied himself, but he didn’t always satisfy her. Then he’d close the cellar door and it was the eternal darkness again, the cold bars of her tiny animal cage and the long hours when she dreamed of her Prince Charming. At these times she would rub her cunt, thinking about him, but to her great despair when she imagined his face, it was always Pablo, her captor’s face. One thing she was sure of: the cage and the long darkness might one day be gone, but forever she would be a slave. The sex slave of Pablo.
Date: Junho 29, 2022