Slavegirls sacrificed to a hellish monster


Gazboth is an hellish demon whose corrosive toxic cum eats away at flesh like styrofoam. But Jau, the Wicked One managed to catch him and lock him in a cage, regularly offering him beautiful girls to satisfy his monstrous sexual needs. For months dozens of young girls were thrown into his cell for him to fuck them mercilessly in both their asses and pussies, so that they would quickly succumb to his bodily secretions. The bodies had piled up, starting to draw the cop’s attention, but Gazboth’s appetite for beautiful women didn’t seem to rein in, prompting Jau to continue his series of kidnappings.

Tonight was a good night of hunting. Jau managed to capture two young friends, one blonde and one brunette, who made the mistake of going out alone at night on their way to the club. Things had taken a huge turn and now here they were, naked, dirty and screaming in fear, ready for Gazboth to rape them in all their holes. Despite the fact that for Jau it was a casual spectacle, the image of two beauties being fucked without mercy by an horrible monster was something that always turned him on. The hardest part was however removing the bodies at the end, as Gazboth had lately shown a strange interest in him and Jau wasn’t sure he couldn’t have other interests…

Date: Junho 26, 2022