Victims of the Black Mass


The hellish black ceremonies continue to take their toll, especially on young and beautiful women.

To satisfy the Seven Princes of Hell, it is necessary that the kidnapped women should not only be beautiful, but that their disapearence also causes enormous suffering and social unrest. For this reason they also must be daughters, sisters, wives and mothers of someone, so that the greatest number of people can suffer for their loss.

Then it’s all up to Bozo, the High Priest of Doom to inspect and fuck them one by one. He is especially good at his job and anointed by Lucifer himself, so that his sperm when it penetrates the victims’ cunt destroys not only their body but also their souls.

After their imediate death, their restless souls will wake up in Hell, in Lucifer’s noble hall, where they will be chained by the neck for all eternity, suffering the whims of his infernal hosts.

Date: Junho 20, 2022