Women Slaves to a Sadistic Monster


Tracy awoke to the panicked screams of other girls. She was naked and dirty, inside a wooden cage in what appeared to be an underground. Through her fingers, all she could see was the back of a gigantic, humanoid-like monster whose face was covered by a mask, cutting pieces of raw meat with a cleaver. He and the other girls of course, whose panicked screams hadn’t stopped. With her mouth sewn shut, Tracy couldn’t manage the slightest sigh.

From then the monster brought two naked brunettes into her field of vision, which he came to fuck over his wooden table. One of the girls was wrapped in plastic, already looking like a corpse in the morgue, or worse… a piece of fresh meat from the butcher’s. The other one, with long hair, had an iron collar and her mouth was sewn shut just like hers, which the monster ripped apart so that she could give him a blowjob. Then he covered her in pieces of meat while he fucked her mercilessly. Strange fetish of mixing food with forced sex.

It all seemed clear to Tracy now, realizing that the monster was also an infamous cannibal and that the fate of all of them would be his fridge, if not directly his belly, so much did he seem to enjoy playing with raw meat, probably from former victims.

But that was not meant for this day, as she came to see right after. Dropping the two brunettes in another wooden cage, it was her turn to be roughly grabbed by the beast and thrown towards the other two. Only fear would accompany them for the rest of that day, as the monster took a cumshot over the frightened women and promptly abandoned them to their dark thoughts.

Date: Junho 28, 2022