Freddy Krueger and his sex slaves

Certain theories claim that if it’s possible to die in a dream, by the way, that’s the story of many many horror movies. But is it possible to be enslaved and raped while dreaming? According to the same opinion: yes, it is possible! After the Springwood killings, our villain Freddy Krueger decided to leave his career as an assassin behind, starting to manage an harem of sex slaves in the dream world as a way to better surpass his childhood trauma and avenge his mother. Here he had no trouble luring Springwood’s most beautiful and lascivious young women during their wet dreams and keeping them forever trapped in his ethereal realm, where he fucks them for all eternity. Of course these women don’t like it very much, but how can they escape the world of dreams?
Date: Junho 25, 2022
Actors: Freddy