Nuns Reformatory for Naughty Girls

Newcomer Marli (Sueli de Fátima Aoki) arrives at a remote rural reformatory run by the sadistic and crazed Mother Superior Maria do Socorro (Meiry Vieira) and her retarded deaf and dumb sidekick Carrasco. The Mother Superior punishes the inmates for any minor misconduct, and they are brutally whipped or raped by Carrasco to exorcise the demons possessing them. The Mother Superior is venerated by the deranged Sister Clara and the other nuns and inmates have no means of communication with the distant city. The only vehicle is a jeep and the keys are held by Mother Superior. When prisoner Cinira (Zélia Martins) is helped by a stranger, she learns that Maria do Socorro is not who she claims to be and the man searches for evidence of the brutal treatment of inmates. “Escola Penal de Meninas Violentadas” is a Brazilian film of the exploitation genre and the exploitation begins in its title which means “Penal school for raped girls”. The acting is horrible and the silly story has a corny, unreasonable conclusion with Cinira leaving the facility with the detective who helped her without any explanation. Antonio Meliande selects a good cast in Boca do Lixo, with the women on display all the time and the intent of this film is achieved. My vote is three. Young prostitutes are taken to the criminal school, but the establishment is run by a mother, which forces the students to undergo torture and fright. The police suspect the workshop and the manager decides to investigate. The circle closes for the religious and little by little, their secrets are discovered.
Date: Abril 1, 2020