Sadi Scream, vol. 1

Some team of reporters try to investigate some shocking rumors. But once Rumi and her two male colleagues find themselves tied up in an underground torture dungeon about halfway through the film, it descends into more familiar territory with little rhyme or reason. Rumi is somehow convinced to conduct the interview in her bikini – but whatever benefits are expected are nullified when her subject confides in her that he is helpless. He’s certainly not afraid of the female form, however, since when he realizes he’s being watched, he goes in search of the microphone buried in Rumi’s pussy (she’s wearing nothing but a bikini, after all). The torture chamber she later finds herself in is littered with severed limbs and the remains of previous victims, and after losing control of her bladder (an event you could almost time your watch to in most Japanese smut), the ax man arrives – a gimpy sort of brute like an Asian cousin of Leatherface, with a hatchet instead of a chainsaw. Her colleagues are quickly dispatched, and then she is tied to a bed. The rest of the film consists of his systematic degradation and molestation. One of her captors fingers her pixelated pussy then forces her to suck his fingers clean, her nipples are crushed in clamps, her belly is sliced ​​open and after her asshole is lubed up and fingered lengthily she is lying on her back and screwed – all the while trying to keep her insides in their proper place.
Date: Julho 24, 2020