Slavegirls to Fuck and Torment


His bunnies… When Jack refers to his bunnies, he doesn’t mean small long-eared mammals, but rather human females. His bunnies are all pretty girls who were once daughters, sisters, wives and even mothers, but who are now just sexual slaves, which he keeps in his basement, locked in tight hutches. Kidnapped one by one and subjected to the harshest of trials, his bunnies don’t need to talk, bathe, eat anything other than carrots or even walk on two legs, but rather behave like real bunnies with just one exception: providing him with sexual pleasure, that’s it.

When he gets home from a full day’s work, there’s only one thing that makes him feel good: to visit his bunnies, torment them a little bit more, violently fuck them on his wooden desk, and make them blow his dick. It is a pleasure to be able to dispose of his bunnies at will as mere objects of pleasure, without their will or desires that must be concearned, but rather as “things” that exist only to give him pleasure. Needless to say, his bunnies don’t necessarily think the same, and that sometimes their personalities come to the fore, even after long months of captivity, and that at times it becomes a real trouble for him to put them back to their hutches. But that is a small problem he dearly likes.