Wild Slavegirl Kept on the Backyard’s Coop

Some men like dogs or cats as pets. Others prefer humans, especially of the female type. This man belongs to the latter group. When the weekend arrives, there’s nothing to entertain him more than visiting his slave girl. She spends the whole week in her cage in his backyard, sniffing the ground looking for food – she no longer looks like the prim, shy girl she once was. Several years of sleeping on the ground floor, exposed to the elements, eating raw meat and worms, turned her into an almost wild animal. She has long forgotten the speech or the thinking of humans, for now she is nothing more than a pet animal, digging the floor of the cage in search of food. Her only comfort is when her owner visits her to give her a fuck. She graces him with a passionate blowjob. Inside her spirit she knows he loves her like that, like an animal and that makes her feel free, happy and beloved.
Date: Junho 29, 2022