Possessed Girl Fucks like Hell

They say she is possessed. She believes that maybe she is, but Father Carlos knows even more: she is possessed by the demon Asmodeus, prince of hell and the great king of lust. Her possession leads her to live among the wilderness, ragged, dirty and barefoot like an animal, far away from any human contact, but Father Carlos is willing not to lose this soul to Asmodeus and will do his best to rescue her. Asmodeus stands out for not being afraid of crosses and holy water, so he decides to use the only thing that can remove the demon from her body: a good old-fashioned fuck. It is said that women possessed by Asmodeus, like succubuses, fuck and suck dick until they burst, but that physical fatigue can remove the demon from their bodies. Father Carlos, contrary to his priestly vow, is willing to try this ultimate method.